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Apart from the sales of new and second-hand properties from the inside of Murcia, a large part of our job is in the offering and managing home reform projects in the Ricote Valley (Murcia), whether big or small, sophisticated or simple…

Our job starts with helping you decide the result of your property: the internal/general distribution of space, the kitchen planning, the bathroom and amenities, the connexion to the electricity network, modifications, updating the plumbing and its necessities, new windows and doors, roof repairs or replacements (including upper terraces), swimming pools, outdoor kitchens and barbeques, air conditioning installation, etc.

The list of possibilities in a property restoration in the Ricote Valley is endless, there is no job too small nor too big. Our professionals can tackle anything; they have more than 10 years’ experience at their backs. They are totally qualified, legal, insured, and, above all, they are locals, so their reputation depends on each of their jobs.

We rehabilitate all kinds of properties

If you decide to count on our property reform services in the Ricote Valley, you can see how we are able to transform a desolate property in ruins into a new and modern home.

We count on qualified professionals for each job in function to your needs and budget. Also, we arrange the respective licenses and processes necessary, at the same time as we supervise and translate every quote so that you can be assured that you will have a correct understanding of all the jobs that they are composed of, and of the times doing them in.

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