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Thank you to Alvaro, Tracey & Marina

Thank you to Alvaro, Tracey & Marina
22 Jun 2018

My wife and I had been thinking about buying a property abroad for some time, not necessarily in Spain.  A recommendation from a friend brought us to the Ricote Valley and we were not disappointed. We came across the Real Homes in Spain agency via the internet. I am always suspicious of agencies in any walk of life but I was pleasantly surprised by the approach taken to us by Alvaro and Tracey. They seemed to be as much concerned with selling us the area as any property and I particularly welcomed the lack of hard sell.   There were properties they warned us off for a variety of reasons even though they looked very presentable and in the right locations- a very professional approach which was much appreciated. When we decided to buy in the area they took time explaining to us the processes, both legal and administrative, and this was particularly welcome.   We are very pleased with our decision and plan to retire here soon, a decision made a lot easier by the help afforded us by Alvaro,Tracey and Marina.  I would highly recommend their facility. 

Dr Stephen Murray & Dr Svetlana Kirova.


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